South Cove, Kawau Island


As the name implies South Cove is at the southern end of the island and is serviced by an excellent public wharf. From the wharf you can fish, or jump into the sea. There is a nearby floating raft to swim to and a communal picnic area with barbecue, petanque, and even a music system.  Some moorings are available but boats are easily towed up the private road, one of the few on the island, through native bush to the South Cove houses. Modes of transport differ from quad bikes to golf carts to cars with character. All are handy for carrying supplies up the road or all the fish you are likely to catch. It is also easily covered by foot, even if the first hill is a bit of a challenge. And if none of these suit the helipad is 200m from the house.

About 15 people live here permanently. Many of the other home owners spend a lot of time here and, of course, come summer holidays most people are around. We have a great community spirit and residents have chainsawed and cleared walking tracks throughout the reserve which borders the sea and South Cove - even one called 'Fairy Walk' which cuts through the reserve below our house to the secluded beach - much to the granddaughters delight.

It is a perfect place for all ages, safe for the children to roam, to gather shells, discover rock pool inhabitants, to see the occasional wallaby, feed cheeky wekas, and sometimes see a pod of orca whales pass below the house. Its a place to fish, lie back and relax, forget which day of the week it is and leave the iron at home!



South Cove